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Time Travel and Dreams

Back to the Future was one of the most mindblowing movies I watched when growing up. Back in the summer of 1985, I remember one of my friends telling me about this movie with a time machine and in my mind, a time machine…

Lottery Bitterness

It seems like every time we have a huge jackpot in the MegaMillions or the Powerball, I have the need to write about it. I can see why the lottery is a national obsession. It’s not that I think about it all the time….

F.O.M.S. Bitter Friday Giftures

All day I dream about…well, dreaming. Sometimes I get the feeling that the daytime and the drudgery of life is the dream (or nightmare, depending on how terrible your life is) and the dreaming is the actual real life. All I know, is I…

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