Cancellation Bitter Friday Giftures


Baseball is kind of a weird sport. The majors actually start in late March, which is technically spring, in some places, but in places like Chicago, and Minnesota and Milwaukee (which all have major league teams) not so much every year. Baseball depends on not having weather issues. Well, in the little leagues, where my son plays, there has been weather issues for a month now. Spring hasn’t really sprung, so there is a lot of games and practices that keep getting cancelled. That would be fine if he was an indoor kid, but he is best when he is outside and active. There are a lot of things that I would have rather cancelled lately, but that is a rant for another bitter day. What hasn’t been cancelled and never will be is the Bitter Friday Giftures.

What do you think about that…

…Mary Poppins?

I wish Loki…

…I wish.

On the other hand…

…when someone cancels plans…

No one is ever mad at me…

…just disappointed.

I can…

…barely handle this.

Who knew…

…that you needed to water your dog every day?

Eating things…

…is kind of difficult.

This was not so much of a…

…magic carpet ride.

This guy was riding…

…a double decker boat.

This is me…

…all the time.

My esteem…

…is in the toilet.


…is what I excel at.

Now that the weekend is upon us, it is a good time to find a way to cancel things. Plans are meant to be broken. Follow your dreams of sitting on the couch. Get out there and stay in.


Bitter Cancellation Ben

End Game Bitterness


I am trying to think of a theme for my Bitter Friday Giftures, but right now all I can think about is the Avenger’s Endgame. I am not going to be able to see it this weekend, because of things, but I know that most people will. That is about a billion people I have to avoid because they will all spoil it for me. Don’t even say that you won’t ruin it for me either, because I can read people’s faces. Which is kind of weird, because I barely read anything else. Thankfully, my goal in life is to avoid others, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I intend of seeing it Tuesday, so if I run into you and you’ve seen it, please don’t let me see your face. How about we use Bitter Friday Giftures to give you some advice on how to avoid spoilers….

Someone thinks…

…they are pretty cool knowing how the movie will end.

Slight interruption…

…can Black Panther be the HR department I’m dealing with? 

Yeah I know…


…I hate when people ruin shows for you. 

So make sure…

…you stay hydrated…

Get enough…

…corn nutrients…

Don’t eat any…


Or drink any…


Make sure you get plenty of…


Make sure you get large amounts..

…of Vitamin D.

Make sure you…

…breathe every once in a while.

Make sure to…

…walk it off..

And make sure to get…

…15-20 hours of sleep every night.

Well, that is all the advice I can think of. Hopefully, you guys can use some of this advice to avoid spoilers for the movie. I think I just might try to go deaf for a week. That sounds like a great plan.


Bitter Avenge a Spoiler Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: Lego Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armour. If you can’t seem to fight the spoilers, at least create it in the Legoverse. This Lego set is $47.99, regularly $59.99. Fight those spoilers today!




Down The Rabbit Hole Bitterness

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

The best part about the place where we live, is we don’t have to do any yard work. It’s nice not only because we are old and our backs are giving out, but because our son is lazy and would want money to do it. At our old house in Seattle, we had a pretty big yard, and would spend most of our weekends just keeping up with our yard work. This isn’t to say that we did anything special, like plant flowers, pick weeds, or meticulously mow our lawn. We did just enough to keep up.

It is pretty ironic that my last name is Gardner, because I am no Gardener. I even did an April Fool’s joke a couple of years ago where I created a blog where I did gardening, because absolutely nobody would believe that I had a green thumb. The worst part about our lawn in Seattle was the molehills. (Do you want to know what I made out of the molehills? Mountains.) We got them all the time and they would just chew up our yard. I would always just mow over them, but they would just keep coming back.

Oftentimes, I would wonder what would happen if I went down the molehill. Would I find a couch and a TV set up down there, where the mole was watching humans mow lawns and weed whack things? Would I find a magical new world with Cheshire Cats and Hatters that were always mad about their hats? Or would it just be a direct tunnel to China?

All I know is that I am constantly wandering down Rabbit Holes called the the internet. I will open Twitter, because I see the little number thing over it, start scrolling some blog friends Tweet, and 2 days later, I’m looking at some random Tweet that someone made about some country I’ve never heard of. Or I click on Facebook number and all of a sudden I’m looking at a real estate listing for a condo in Southeast Asia. Or I hop on Instagram to see my parent’s photo of Costa Rica, and 4 days later my blog post has 360 words and the cursor is blinking at me aggressively to complete the post.

The rabbit hole is pretty powerful. Which is ironic, because I thought the only use for a rabbit hole was to bury chocolate every Easter.

Not as powerful as a rabbit hole.

In the coming days, all of us will see The Avengers Endgame movie that will show us some of the most powerful forces in the universe fighting to save the citizens of the previously mentioned universe. Yesterday, I was talking about the powerful force of a black hole that could suck all the coolness that I ever could have possibly had by making me grow up in South Dakota. Today, we might be talking about the most powerful force in the universe, the rabbit hole has the ability to suck all my valuable time and dump it into the internet.

Maybe the Avengers can solve that problem with one of their Infinity stones, but in the mean time, I have to figure out how to avoid the all-powerful Rabbit Hole.

Do you guys have any ways of avoiding the rabbit hole?


Bitter Rabbit Hole Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: Spalding NBA 44″ Polycarbonate Portable Backboard. This may not be a rabbit hole, but it is a hoop that you can drain your hoops and sorrows with. Pick up a basketball hoop today to cover up that hole in your concrete, or to appease your grandson with when he comes to visit. On sale now for only $118.99.



Job Store Bitterness

The Black Hole of cool.

I grew up in South Dakota, which is basically a black hole for anything cool, including me. I blame the fact that I am the world’s leastest cool person on growing up there. Man, did we struggle to come up with entertaining things to do for fun. We got tired of tipping all the cows(as did they) and driving the main street every Friday. These things did not make us any more attractive to the ladies. We did have a mall, where we stayed in shape from stalking the hot girls, but unfortunately, they were in even better shape from running from us.

If there is something that I’ve always been bad at besides talking to girls, it was getting a job. When it finally came time to working for the man at 15, and not doing a paper route or mowing the lawn, my dad told me to hit the pavement and start what he called “applicating”. Basically, he dropped me and my brother off at the mall and we were supposed to go store to store, asking if they had an application we could fill out and then we begged for a job.

The only reason I got my first job, was because Little Caesar’s was training a new manager and he didn’t really know what he was doing. He quickly interviewed me on the spot and hired me, not knowing I had no experience whatsoever. So I started with no training and no one to mentor me. Usually they would stick me in the back, ask me to run the dough into a machine that would flatten it, then put it in the pan and sprinkle some stuff on it. Over and over, until we had way too many pans filled with dough, stacked to the ceiling. Then I would spend the rest of my time hiding out in the freezer, or in the bathroom. I did have to answer the phone, because everyone else was busy actually putting ingredients on the pizzas, or cooking them.

Thanks for bringing up the horrible memories by the way.

So now that I am reliving the horrible experience of looking for a new job, ie “applicating”, it reminds me of all the “great” advice I get from people about getting a job.

1. Get some experience by doing work for free.

2. Just start your own business.

3. I saw a “Now Hiring” sign for Walmart, Target, The Gap the other day.

4. Have you ever tried Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, LinkedIn?

5. Just go store to store and ask for an application.

6. Just become Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Tik Tok famous and become an influencer.

7. Just use networking, that’s how 80% of people get jobs now right?

Just like I just quoted.

Every time I hear advice like this I think of my my favorite meme of all time from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia(I’ve never seen more than a few episodes) where the one guy is advised to just go get a job. He basically says very sarcastically, Oh okay, I’ll just get on my job pants, get into my job car, get some job gas in the car, and go down to the job store where you can just pick jobs off the job tree.

I’ve got answers for all the questions above, and all of them are very sarcastic.

Just know that if you come thinking you have advice, know that I’ve heard it all and I have a very sarcastic answer waiting for each thing you advise. Unless you know someone that has an actual job available that can get me an interview, please proceed back to the job store.


Bitter Job Store Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: Aalto Computer Desk – White – Christopher Knight Home. Since you are actively shopping at the Job Store, you might as well get more comfortable in your home office so you enjoy your job when you bring it home from the Job Store. Here is a nice computer desk you can put that computer on. It is on sale for $97.49, which is way less than the $129.99 you would have paid for it.


Baseball Bitter Friday Giftures


When I was growing up, baseball was my favorite sport…until I got hit in the gut with a fastball and had a fear of a little tiny ball going 60-100 miles an hour speeding right at me. I also realized that baseball was a lot of just standing around watching a pitcher throw to a catcher. So, I abandoned it for a long time, but just like John Wick, there is always something that pulls you back in. For John, it was a stupid kid that wanted his car and killed his puppy, but for me, well, it is my son. He decided that he wanted to play, so a couple of weeks ago, we brought him to a tryout, and a few weeks, and hundreds of dollars later, today is his first game. Of course, last week should have been, but freaking baseball requires dryness and last week, we just so happened to have rain. Just as rain puts a damper on baseball, I am about to put a damper on your week by telling you that it is Bitter Friday Gifture time again…

I have a feeling…

…there is going to be a lot of this.

And probably…

…a lot of this.

Maybe a little…

…frustration and anger.

Probably a lot of…

…temper tantrums.

Probably a few…

…swings and misses.

Probably a few…

…sudden drops.

Probably a few…

…parental fails.

Probably going to be a few…

…coaching fails as well.

Or more coaching…

…fails like this.

We’ll probably see…

…a lot of this.

We’ll probably see…

…more of this.

Or if we are really lucky…

…we’ll just get to see this.


Let’s be honest. The younger the kids, the more of a cluster this will be. And the faster I will want to come home and plant myself on the couch. Can someone pray for rain for me tomorrow? Or perhaps perform a rain dance?


Bitter Baseball Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: Rawlings Youth – 12 Prodigy Bat. The nice thing about baseball bats is that they serve multiple purposes, which I really like. You can use them for the limited purpose of playing baseball for a short season or two, before your kid quits in frustration, but the much better use is defend yourself in the case of a burglary in your home. Or something nice like destroying the fire alarm when it keeps going off in the middle of the night.


Are you A Bozo Bitterness

He couldn’t even use chocolate pie?

When I was younger and really bored I used to watch WGN in Chicago. In the mornings, they had this show that included Bozo the Clown and he would have kids on the show. They had this game that challenged kids to throw ping pongs into big buckets and the farther they went, the better prizes they would get. It was essentially a carnival game that was rigged for them to fail. Every once in a while, the contestant would make it far enough to get close to winning a trip to Disneyland, but Bozo laugh so goofily that kids would get nervous and fail.

This experience from my bitter past reminds me of an all too real situation I face on a daily basis. As you know, I’m currently failing to be employed, so many strange and Bozo-like experiences happen to me every week. The jobs l look at are increasingly bizarre and strange, and the “opportunities” that come my way are increasingly weird. One of the strangest things that happen to me nowadays are called “phone interviews” and they range from intense, real interview like questions that you would get if you were in the office of a CEO, to personality quizzes, to “if you were an elephant, what would you pack in your trunk?” type questions.

Lately, though they basically have this type of phone interview that my wife and I like to call the “Bozo interview”. It’s basically a screener interview, always done by a member of the HR department that basically asks you questions to find out if you have a pulse. Questions come up like “Do you have a driver’s license?” and “Are you available for full time employment, or are you seeking part-time?” After they decide you have a pulse, they then pass you on to the hiring manager for a “real” phone interview.


Basically, it is what we call the “Are you a Bozo?” interview questions. They are basically deciding if you are smart enough to handle speaking to another human on the phone. Of course, they are really PC about the whole thing, but in a world where PC wasn’t a thing anymore, my wife and I came up with a series of questions they could really ask, if they didn’t have to worry about getting sued for asking.

Bozo questions for a non-PC company to ask:

1. Do you drive a car that is smaller than a Mini-Cooper?

2. Do you have any friends that say, walk on tightropes, shoot themselves into rings of fire, or fly on a trapeze?

3. How are your juggling skills?

What are your juggling skills like?

4. How often would you say you got paid to attend children’s birthday parties?

5. Which Stephen King novel that made it into a movie about red balloons and gutters would you say is your favorite?

6. Have you ever had to drive 12 or more of your friends in your Mini-Cooper to a circus and had all of them fit?

7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your balloon tying skills?

8. Are you a distant cousin or perhaps brother to Ronald McDonald?

Are you related to this guy?

9. When you are preparing for work, how much white face make up do you apply each day?

10. Do you know a flying Elephant named Dumbo?

I get it, companies want to make sure that you are qualified to do a job and that you are the kind of person that say, isn’t going to have a massive freak out, or show up only 20% of the time after the first week. But I feel like having a simple interview with a person on the phone or even checking their LinkedIn could get you past the “Bozo” stage of interviewing.

Just so you know, I have passed all my Bozo interviews and have reached the “Competant stage” interviews that follow right after.

Wish me luck to make it to the “Eh, maybe we will take a chance on this guy” stage.


Bitter Bozo Ben


Target Deal of the Day: Jetson Rogue Hoverboard with Galaxy Light-Up Wheels. If Bozo the Clown’s toy car was in the shop, he could use this fantastic hoverboard to get to work. Then he could get his white makeup on, and his red nose and style that spiky hair and get ready to creep out more people.



Cloning Dog Bitter Friday Giftures


My wife just popped in and told me that people have way too much money. Obviously, I agreed and told her that we were on the opposite end of the scale, IE, we have way too little. I then asked her why she said that, and she said that some family paid $50,000 to clone their dog. I know some people have a fierce attachment to their pets and that is okay if that’s what they love, but cloning one in my mind is way beyond normal in my eyes. I’m okay cloning someone’s answers on my test, or cloning someone’s dollars, but chill on the cloning of other things. Haven’t we seen enough bad sci-fi movies that taught us not to clone anything. Clearly that dog is going to be straight out of Pet Cemetery and we are going have some vicious dog attacking people that won’t be able to be killed. Don’t mess with cloning (except me cloning Friday Giftures every week). Speaking of which….

Don’t do something stupid…

…and get stuck in jail.

Did you know…

…jet skiing was good for your health?

That this guys was…

…way off target?

That this lady…

…isn’t very good at Mario Kart.

That the best man…

…was also the best fainter?

That every groom…

…should get to be the bride too.

Did you know…

…it’s not even close to summer yet?

Which means…

…it’s not quite Independence Day yet.

This is the leveled up…


And this is…

…how not to cross the street.

I’m a professional pitcher dad…

…I know what I’m doaaannng.

I’m Batman, the Dark Knight, the protect…

…aagghhhhh a daaaggg!

And there you have it. Although it isn’t smart to clone a dog, it is really smart to clone my posts because they do really well and they require no thinking, because that is what I’m famous for. Not thinking. See you on the flippidy flip.


Bitter Clone Failure Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: Amazon Echo Spot. If you haven’t heard the latest about these devices, they are all about listening to you carefully. Allow this one to listen to your every move. At a much lower price. If you buy two, you get $40 off.


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