Bitter End of the Road

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I’ve experienced a lot of emotions when it comes to television programs I’ve liked. Some shows ended too soon. Other went way after their expiration dates. A very few ended right when they should have. I don’t know where this blog ranks on the scale, because well, it was a little incomplete. If it were a subject in school, it wouldn’t have got a grade between an A and F, it would have got more of a pass or fail.

That all depends on what the readers of this blog thought. You see, two years ago or so ago, I lost my main love, Ben’s Bitter Blog for six months, to a very unlikely set of circumstances. On kind of a whim, it started that blog at work, so I decided to use my work email as the way to get into it. Then like 5 years later, I quit that job and didn’t really think about changing the email to something else before I left. I was just so glad to get out of there, I didn’t think about the consequences of my blog. Then about two years later, my email got cut off, and thus my blog, because it was no longer active. Then for some reason, I couldn’t find my yearly charge on my credit card, because somehow, my American Express bill was split in two just like my bitter heart.

So in between that time, I decided to start this new blog, but one that would cost me so much more. It was a sentimental name for my blog, Bitter Entertainment Network, which I made up early in my other blog, not only because of the name, but because the initials formed my name B.E.N. Get it? I thought it would be perfect and a way I could start monetizing. Unfortunately, only a very few of my old followers made it over here, and in the meantime, I finally found a way to get my old blog back. And when WordPress informed me that this blog was renewing at a really high price, I decided to take a pass on it.

So, short story long, I’m letting this blog go in about two weeks. This will be my last post here, so if you still want to get Bitter Entertainment News, go follow

Bitter Out! Ben

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