Road Trip Bitter Friday Giftures


There is something about driving across the country in a 26 foot Uhaul trailer that makes you understand why truckers only like to stop at truck stops and not little gas stations. When your trailer doesn’t turn on a dime like your car, you kind of have to rethink how to drive things. Also, it make you a little sick of things. The sameness of the view outside, the sameness of the hum of the engine. The sameness of the roads. That must be what it is like when you guys come to this bitter post every week. More of the same words. More of the same giftures. More of the same bitterness. Well, prepare for it, because it is going to be a whole lot of similar.

Sometimes when you are tripping…

…you’d like to stop driving, but you just can’t.

Sometimes you feel just fine…

…then all of a sudden, you are asleep at the wheel.

Sometimes people think it is necessary…

…to sing and dance when they are on the road.

Others need a little drama…

…to stay awake.

Some people prefer…

…to look at the serene background to relax.

While others treat the trip…

…like it is just one big dance party.

Some people treat it…

…like it is a carpool.

Some people think of it…

…as an MMA smackdown.

Some prefer…

…the wind in their hair.

While some prefer…

…a more serene environment. 

Some like to drive…

…slow and steady.

While others prefer…


…to drive more Fast and Furious.

There is a lot more to tell about the Great Road Trip of 2019, but I will save that for another blog post that you guys can not look forward to at all. If however, you can’t wait for more, go to my instagram where I talked about each state I went to along the way. Stay tuned for a more in-depth post about what I was doing and why.


Bitter Road Trippin Ben



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