New Kids on The Block Bitter Friday Giftures


In the background, I’m listening to the New Kids on the Block doing their best to make a comeback. I don’t deny old people trying to make a comeback as I’m attempting to do right now, but at least they need to rebrand and call themselves Older Dudes on the Clock or something. One thing that will certainly almost never change is the weekly Bitter Friday Giftures delivered on the page. If I die on a Friday in 30 years from now, I hope I make sure I do my giftures before I breathe my last breath. And I have tasked my daughter to take over when I no longer can, so look forward to these things forever.

I guess I’ve learned…

…a lot.

Not everyone…

…can be a Captain.

Even Hallmark…

…doesn’t think I have any potential as a writer.

People wonder what is going on up there…

…this is pretty much it.

This might also be…

…an accurate depiction.

Something I do…

…over and over again.

Just when I think I’ve defeated it…

…gravity reigns supreme.

I’ve always found this is a fun way…

…to clear a path through sheep.

The key to life is balance…

…this guy lost the key.

It’s nice when ladders do their jobs…

…of helping you get down quickly.

This guy is working on his…

…best dunk for the Slam Dunk contest.

Just like me, this guy was doing so well…

…until the very end.

And just like every blog, I start strong and then fade at the end. So learn your lesson from me and the Old Dude on the Clock. Just quit when you are ahead.


Bitter Old Dude on the Clock Ben

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