Lazy Day Bitterness

I don’t feel like writing today, because snow is outside and I just can’t possibly be expected to write anything. The east coast got their turn last week, so it is the west coast’s turn to be lazy this week. So here is my post. It is my Bitter News from the Couch, Volume 7. Please save all autographs for my world wide tour.


Target Deal of the Day: Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker. Since you will definitely be spending time outside running, sledding, getting sweaty and not eating food inside all day, this Fitbit Fitness tracker will allow you to see how lazy you are being today. Pick one up for only $129.95, which is a full $20 off the regular price of $149.95. Get yours today!

7 Comments on “Lazy Day Bitterness

  1. I’m almost never lazy. But I am too lazy to watch a video of someone being lazy. I’d much rather have words on the screen that I can skim through and just read the interesting parts.


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