Lottery Dream Home

Or not.

I’ve always been about taking the easy way out. If I was on a call with someone, and things got out of control, I didn’t stick with the person and try to figure it out, I either just hung up on them or told them I would call them back and then didn’t. If I was on a date and things were going south, I didn’t try to push through and make them work, I would just leave through the bathroom. If there is a choice between going to workout and sitting on the couch and watching TV, I always choose the couch.

Predictably, when it comes to jobs, they have always been difficult. I’ve always been at jobs that make me stretch and work and figure things out that I don’t know. Why can’t I ever just get a job that requires me to make up cheesy quotes? Or fly to luxury hotels and critique their mattresses and pillows? Or be a movie or TV reviewer for kids that won’t read that stuff anyways, and still watch the most annoying programming on the planet?

For some reason there are a shortage or enticing, easy, high paying jobs in the world, so I end up doing hard things for a living. Stuff that requires me to think every day. You know those easy jobs I was talking about earlier? I discovered one of them when I was watching the TLC or something like that.

So it will be hard to find her a home.

There is a guy that literally helps people that just won the lottery to find their dream homes. So what they are saying is this guy has to help people that previously were living in relatively humble means, and help them upgrade into a house that fits their needs, with a much bigger budget? Wow that sounds really hard. I have no idea how much of a challenge it would be to be working with an almost unlimited budget, to find new homes, bigger homes that are closer to their work, which in all honesty, they might quit anyways, because they have money already?

All the guy does is congratulate the family in their post lottery winning glow, and talk to local real estate agents about houses in the area, and recommend a perfect home for them. The easiest part of all, is that the families are usually ones that don’t even need that much, and are almost too humble to even ask for anything. Not hard at all.

In contrast, most of the other agents are working their butts off for clients that have very limited budgets, have sky high expectations, and quite frankly, have no trust in their ability to help them get everything they want. They complain the whole time that homes aren’t in their preferred neighborhoods, their home office is completely jacked, or the commute isn’t 3 minutes from both of their workplaces.

Talk about an easy job. I could basically move into a place for two days, look up some nice houses on Zillow that met their budget and show them those places. In fact, my wife would probably do all the research because she likes doing it, and I would just have to say stuff like, “Here is where the couch goes, here is where the TV goes and your fridge.” They would be sold in minutes and then I could go back to my hotel and chill for two days while the real estate agent finishes the hard stuff.

Why aren’t those jobs available for me?

What do you think? What is your dream job? What is the easiest job you have heard of?


Bitter Easiest Job Ever Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: LG 55″ 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV. To console you during this difficult time of not winning the lottery, get yourself a brand new TV. It may not be a house, but you can view the fancy houses from it. You can also watch the lottery show which I just told you about. It is 35% off and would be a great edition for all the big football games in a few weeks. $1499.99.

4 Comments on “Lottery Dream Home

  1. The easiest job I ever had was watching TV for a living. I was a military broadcaster with the Armed Forces Radio and Television network, and I was stationed in Turkey. My boss didn’t want me cracking stupid jokes on the air anymore, so he gave me the job of previewing all the shows we broadcast, such as David Letterman, The Tonight Show, and so forth. I had to be on the lookout for anything that might offend Islam or the Turks. Of course I never noticed any such offensive content, and got to enjoy being paid for watching TV. Such great work. Sigh, it makes me bitter when I think of all the hard work I had to do after that easy gig was over.


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