Ugly Sweater Bitter Friday Giftures


There is a commercial out right now about a daughter and her parents communicating through video chat and the parents are wearing one of these awful, ugly Christmas sweaters. The daughter asks them if they are going to an ugly sweater party and they look at her sincerly and say, “What do you mean?”

Ugly Christmas sweaters have been around for a long time, but now they are cool. There are ugly sweater parties now more often than fancy dress up parties. And some companies dedicate at least half their budget for ugly Christmas sweaters. I am right now wearing the ugliest, itchiest sweater that is very uncomfortable, but I do it so I can win a prize at work. I have a reputation to uphold. In the same manner, it is also Friday, which means I have some gifs to present.

Let’s get started…

…by not going anywhere.

This is basically Monday…

…in gif form.

The support I always feel…

…from family members.

This kid is definitely…

…launching a career.

This may or may not…

…happen at parties this weekend.

Sometimes during the holidays…

…I get a little tired.

Talk about hang time…


…this guy is still up there. 

That is some nice…

…camera work.

Christmas is…

…a long night for Santa.

This kid is…

…pretty strong.

Make sure she isn’t…

…your wheelman on your local bank robbery.

The most important fashion accessory…

…this year.

Well, I hope you all rock your ugly sweater contests this year. And if not, then you are just really uncomfortable for the day. And bitter.


Bitter Ugly Sweater Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: In case you just can’t seem to find an ugly sweater, maybe a nice carpet will work. You know people are coming over to your house and there will be some messy kids. Instead of cleaning all those stains, just get a throw rug and cover them up. Try this Fretwork Rug in gray to cover up all your messy spills.

29 Comments on “Ugly Sweater Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. I get a kick out of all the ugly sweater displays in the store, and the people who gush… “oh, isn’t that nice” No! They’re ugly! They’re meant to be awful, not nice! You’re missing the point!!!


  2. I love that commercial! Which is saying lots, since I hate most commercials.

    And for a hot second there, I thought that dude with the bike on the treadmill was going to change cross training forever! And umm . . if Santa makes too much merry at the mall TGI Fridays and gets picked up, do the reindeer go to the clink with him?


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