Sock Matching Bitterness

It better be expensive.

If you are anything like me, you are almost impossible to buy a cheap gift for. I only like a few things, and of those things, most of them are big expensive things. If you want to buy for me, I’m always in need of a better, faster phone (check, just got one), bigger, better-resolutioned TV or another faster, better-graphiced game console.

If you want to get me games to go along with any of those things, then it will usually cost you at least $60, possibly more. My wife is always frustrated because everything I want is always expensive. So I wait, and I wait and eventually I will get one or two of those things for either Christmas or my birthday. The rest of the time I just wait. Getting me small, inexpensive things is pretty hard. If they are small and inexpensive they are either really practical gifts, or they are stuff I buy myself when I actually need them. I guess you could get me clothes, but I don’t really need much and if I do it is usually just boring T-shirts or socks.

Actually, socks are usually a great gift. And nowadays they are getting more creative. They have prints, and they even have the mismatching socks, which are great since socks are always getting mismatched. When it comes to people, I think we are like socks. We cover feet and we smell a lot. Also, we have to take a shower because again, we stink. Actually, I was thinking more about matching. On a rare occasion, some socks get together at the beginning, and they are a perfect match. They never part from one another. They are together when they are kids, and they end up getting married and have kids socks. They are that comfortable couple every admires, and even though they fight sometimes, they retire and go off to the great sock pile in heaven as a pair.

Sometimes, you just have a mismatch.

Most of us are a regular pair though. We get together at the beginning, separate and get together with another sock that is similar. We keep trying to find our perfect match, but somehow always end up with some slight variation off of our perfect match. We figure out how to live with a decent match and are happy.

Then there are those socks that are mismatched or singles. They make some crazy life decisions like moving off to another washer or finding a match that is completely different from them. They know they don’t match, but they decide to stay with that mismatch because they don’t want to be alone. Or they are single because they got seperated from a great match and they just can’t see finding another one as perfect, or they just prefer being alone. Or they like a left sock just like themselves. Every once in a while there are some that just want to be a Sock puppet and go to Hollywood.

All I know is that all socks start out new and fresh and some age quicker than others. Some have their perfect match, some never do. We just have to find our sock purpose and do the best we can with the yarn we got, yarn it!


Bitter Sock Mess Ben

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4 Comments on “Sock Matching Bitterness

  1. And some socks find their perfect match, and everything is wonderful. But then, they get separated from their perfect match and decide that being unhappily single forever is better than being mismatched with some other sock. P.S. — Now I know not to buy you a gift for Christmas, since I’d probably just get you something too cheap and not electronicky enough.


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