Late Bitter Friday Giftures


I’ve always been someone who has been on time. And when I say on time I mean early. Nobody can stand to be late more than me. Unless it is to something that is optional like a party. Then I will show up as late as possible and leave as early as possible. Remember Jim from the Office. He always made sure that whenever there was some sort of party with people from the office, he would do his best to ditch? That is me, but with any party. I do my minimum and then dash. Nobody has time for socializing. Also, nobody has any time to either write or read blog posts on Friday, thus the reason why the Bitter Friday Giftures was born. Fewer words, more moving pictures. Okay, I’ve done my minimum word count so we can finally get to the Giftures.

You know what is really hard? Walking…

…you know what is even harder? Walking on skis, up a hill.


These ramps were made for jumping…

…and blocking.

You know you are unlovable….

…when even duct tape won’t even hold you.

This is why you assign a task to your kids…

…for that chance that someday they get internet famous. 

What is a brother for…

…if not to help his brother disappear into the middle of the earth.

Pretty much the way…

…I hula hoop.

When your mom asks you…

…to bring the fine china to the table.

How I feel every day…

…I get to work.

How I feel every time I’m on the treadmill…

…just kidding I’m never on the treadmill.

Walking on the sand…

…is really hard.

Sitting is also…

…really hard.

And jumping is well…

…really hard.


My suggestion? Just don’t do anything. Everything is hard. Just sit on your couch and avoid things, because if you don’t, I will find a way to record all your mishaps and get them on this blog.


Bitter Friday Giftures Ben

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Speaking of being lazy, today’s Target Deal of the Day is something that will help even the laziest of people at least do one thing to make their house clean. That’s right, the IRobot, which is a robot that vacuums the house for you. Can it get any easier? Probably not. $70 off, people.

Here is a picture of the beautiful vacuum of laziness.

16 Comments on “Late Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. We have one of those iRobots. It’s noisy, and it requires cleaning after every use. Just the same, it gives me the illusion of being lazy while it’s running, so overall I like it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m suspicious of those iRobots. When the robots rise up the iRobots will have the advantage because they’ll know where everything is in your house. Just saying…


  3. True, everything is hard. Well, almost everything. Reading this post wasn’t. That was fun. Especially watching the guy on the treadmill—which ceased to be a treadmill when he got done with it. 😀


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