Crescent Moon Bitterness

Is it a coincidence that the moon looks bitter?

When I was young, I was into the sports and such because I was slender and skinny and people just expected me to. I wasn’t bad at it, and to be honest, I could have been a heck of a lot better if I tried a lot harder. I didn’t and was just an average athlete. In fact, when I was in 7th grade, I was on the track team. I think the fastest I ran the mile was 5:50. Again, if I would have tried really hard, I could have done it better. That’s not to say that I would have been in the NBA, or the Olympics, it’s just that it wasn’t where I put all my effort.

I think my problem when I was young was that athletics came a lot easier, and my body stayed rail thing even when I filled it with garbage, which I definitely did. If I had to struggle and work to get a better body, I would have realized how hard it was when I got older, and I wouldn’t have eaten like a trash compactor now. Now it is too late. I still eat like a garbage can, but now I just have to learn that I’m not going to be skinny either. I just figure that some day I’m going to die and I would rather be a little rotund than to have only known the taste of Kale and salad.

I’m going to eat the finer things in life, like pizza and bread and other fine things.

The finer things, in a box.

Yesterday, I had to walk home from church after my scout meeting. My wife drove me to the church, but I wasn’t going to torture her and make her stay after for the boring meeting I had to attend afterward. So I told her I would walk. It was a little chilly, so I braced myself and walked with a faster than normal pace. I looked up at the moon and noticed that it was one of those crescent ones. You know, the tiny little sliver. I thought, “Man, how nice would it be to be so slim every month. The moon doesn’t have to work really hard, it just appears 4-5 days a month, and doesn’t even have to work hard for it. Just like clockwork, no matter how much time it sits and watches the stars every night, it appears skinny.

I do have to say that it probably doesn’t look forward to the rest of the month when it appears full. I’m guessing that is why it turns some humans into wolves than just so it can distract everyone from its fullness. And during the middle of the month, I bet it feels a little hungry when it is only half full. I bet during the day, it wants to go to McDonald’s just because it is feeling a little hungry.

Anyways, what do you think? Would you prefer to be like a human and just take whatever shape you are? Or would you like to be the moon and be different shapes all month?


Bitter Moon Faced Ben

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