Making Room Bitter Friday Giftures


I think I need to go to all the local banks in the area, just to find out if they will have enough space. I plan on making a lot of money, and for that, you need banks to clear up space right? I plan on you guys supporting me so I can stop working, because working is hard. So talk amongst yourselves and find out how you will be doing that. You can start a Go Fund Me for laziness, or start a charity for Lazy Bloggers, or any number of other ways that you can help somebody out. You could hire one of those lonely old people with lots of money and no family that just want to find someone to give their money to. Hey, I know you guys are creative, that’s just how you all think. So I’ll leave that there for you guys to mull over and in the meantime, I will leave these gifs for you viewing bitterness.

My worst nightmare…

…is having to talk to someone to get a refund.

Amazon needs to hire guys like this…

…to ship during Christmas.

This is the Christmas spirit…

…that my kids have.

This is me…

…trying to fit into my clothes every morning.

Am I ready to go home for the weekend…

…you bet I am.

Hey everyone at the gym…

…I’m just here to swim.

Hey dudes…

…don’t interrupt me while I’m watching TV. 

Nothing to see here…

…just me talking to everyone at work on a regular day. 


…seriously you need to move on to the next blog to learn something. 

Hey, what do you think of this post?

…yeah that’s what I thought.

What do you think about this post, Michael?

…yeah, that is what I thought.


…pretty much.

Alright, guys, I will just wait here for you while you find me some money. Don’t worry, I will totally pretend to be appreciative, so you don’t feel so bad giving up all your money. I’ll be working with the banks to clear up all this space for you.


Bitter Making Room Ben

Affiliate links. Here are some gifts you can get your people for holidays or whatever.


10 Comments on “Making Room Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. I’ll be first to send you any change I find in the bottom of the washer after my kid washes his clothes at Chez Mom n dad’s.


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