Sugar Coating Bitterness

She would make these guys do this 10 times a day.

My daughter is an absolute savage. She is sarcastic and witty, and has a comeback for everything. If there was a class in her school called Roasting 101, she would be acing that class. If they were taking applications for Comedy Central’s Roast club, 14 and under, she wouldn’t have to apply, they would actively recruit her. She has a roast for anyone and that includes me. She can put me in my place faster than a leopard in a Lamborghini, if that makes any sense at all. She has reduced other people to rubble. I couldn’t be more proud.

She has taken her old man’s sharp wit and refined it like a knife through hot bitter. When you such an amazing talent, it’s hard to keep a muzzle on it. Remember that scene at the end The Incredibles where the family was attending Dash’s track meet and they told him that he could participate in track, but he had to, you know, not run as fast as he could? He had to hold back his speed and finish second? It isn’t fair that she is so far above others, but if we really let her loose she would absolutely annihilate people and the self-esteem of others would be torched.


Unfortunately, when it comes to others we have to sugar coat things. It’s kind of sucks. The problem with speaking your mind on any number of issues these days is that everyone is so PC. I’m not talking about a Microsoft PC. I’m talking about all this political correctness that just seems to put like a frickin sensor on everyone’s mouth. If you are one of the few people that actual say something that isn’t perfectly and politcally correct, people roast you in the media (social or otherwise) and you are a pariah. Even mention something mean and you might as well move to Siberia, because that is the only place where you would be welcome. I understand we should be civil about things in order to not set off riots, but the problem is that we riot for things that are so stupid. If we people were less offended about things that other people said and really followed the mantra, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” and just worked on themselves, we wouldn’t have to sugar coat everything for everyone.

All I know is that we are in the middle of the candy quadrant (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) of the year, and my teeth have had a little too much sugary sweetness. I think we need to inject a little bitter and salty to balance things out. We should be able to tell someone they are doing something stupid if they are, and not fear that we will be put in political correctness jail. And by the way, is political correctness a very good term? I’m pretty sure that some politicians are some of the worst human beings on the planet. I think we need to change the term to something like Philanthropist Correctness. You know, name it after someone that is a little better of a person.

I’m not talking this kind of PC.

We don’t even need to change the initials or tell the politicians that we changed the name.

What do you guys think about political correctness? What about putting a nuzzle of talent? Why do people spend so much time getting offended by everything and spend less time on worrying about what kind of person they are to others?


Bitter Sugar Coating Ben

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6 Comments on “Sugar Coating Bitterness

  1. I think PC has gone too far. The most innocent comment can be misinterpreted as a slam against someone or something. Then off to rhetorical Siberia you’re sent.


    • Seriously. I don’t know why everyone is so offended by everything everyone says. I mean, it would be really helpful to not be that way, especially you know, anything I say on this blog people should not be offended of.

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  2. I tend to tell it like it is as well….your daughter and I would get along fine. But there’s a fine line between being outspoken and down right insulting. The P.C. police may go overboard, but in this current political climate? A little civility wouldn’t hurt.


  3. Maybe you should teach her some diplomacy.
    “Adiplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.”
    -Caskie Stinnett


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