Tension Bitterness


I’m no scientist, so I’m going to look it up on Google. Tension is the state of being stretched tight. If you think about a rubber band, there is a certain amount of tension that is good. You pull it back to the right tension and release, the rubber band can fly. That being said, the right amount of tension for humans is a good thing too. You get the right amount between people, between work and a lot can get accomplished.

On the other hand, if you pull back on a rubber band too much, it simply snaps. The same principle applies to humans as well. I’ve always had some sort of tension, either at work or at home. Sometimes it is both, but if that sustains, someone is going to snap. So lately, I’ve been applying the age-old principle on my way to and from work (consequently the only place that I get any time to myself). This principle of breathing. I’ve heard it is the key to life, so I keep trying to do that. Anyways, I feel like if I don’t learn how to meditate soon, I might be that rubber band that has too much tension. How about some Bitter Friday Giftures, to release the rubber band…


…yeah, kind of painful.








How do you feel about all this…

…yes kind of middling here.

What I feel like…

…every time I get home.

This is not…

…the kind of release I’m talking about.

I could definitely use one of these…

…portals right now.

Never underestimate…

…the power of baby ducks to get rid of your problems.


…never underestimate the power of special effects in your life.

Maybe you need to work on…

…on your ninja bear skills.


…you just need a few people to come around to make you feel like a complete weakling.


…you just need a drink.

Other times…

…you just need to build a better bridge.

And other times…

…we just need a full out panic attack.

So how do you guys deal with all the tension? If you have a gif that speak 10,000 words leave that in the comments. If not, use words.


Bitter Tension Rod Ben

4 Comments on “Tension Bitterness

  1. Your experience may be different from mine, but I found that meditation doesn’t make tension go away. Instead it makes me face it in its bitter rawness. That gives me ideas on how to deal with it, which might make some of it go away. But it’s always there to some degree. It never leaves.


  2. Maybe meditation isn’t the way to go. Maybe going to the gym is better to let off some steam.

    Or… like… you know. Playing a game that’s like going to the gym to let off some steam. And eat pizza. Or beat up the pizza and then eat it.

    Whatever works for you, really. Just don’t let that tension build too high. I know multiple people who’ve had burnouts and they are NO FUN. To understate it.

    Personally, I’d buy a few baby ducks and have them scare off your problems. That’s not going to cost you a lot of energy and they’re cute ❤


    • Baby ducks are definitely an option. If you’ve ever seen a show called Regular Show on Cartoon Network, they are a integral part of survival against mean geese. Anyway, thanks for all the good advice for fighting off tension!


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