Passive Income Bitterness

And your dad probably told you to get a job.

You know the trouble with this world in general? It is always sending mixed messages. You know, like stay in line, pay your taxes, eat your vegetables, but be a rebel, travel the world, fight the system. Get out and live, but stay indoors and be safe. Take care of your family, but explore and be free. There are just so many conflicting messages out there, how are we supposed to know what we are supposed to do. Sometimes we even have parents that tell us to do two separate things. One tells us to work hard, go to school, show up on time, be responsible and another will tell us to follow our dreams, go where the wind takes us, learn how to be happy without money.

No wonder everyone is always so confused.

My training was always to work hard, be on time, be responsible. When it comes to getting a job, be aggressive. Then you see these people like Kanye and Kardashians who built an empire or riches on really, not working hard. Not being responsible, falling backward into all kinds of deals. I’ve worked hard my whole life. In my career, I’ve always shown up early, rarely ever taken a sick day, followed the rules, and did my best to get along with people at work. Some days I show up at home, back, knees, and shoulders aching from taking on too much responsibility and not getting paid near enough. Sure, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I’m no genius. Honestly, I’m kind of a fake it til you make it kind of guy. I learn things by Googling and YouTubing. Even basic things that people take for granted.

How I learn stuff.

I am a passive person, but the way I get my income is aggressive. Anything I get, I have to show up and be doing. The goal for me, and probably most everyone is this thing called passive income. It’s this amazing concept where you earn money when you are NOT working. You are sitting on the couch or at a 5-star hotel, or grocery shopping.

Most celebrities are passive income earners. This is why they are rich. Think about Kanyne. He is a rapper. He makes an album say 20 years ago. Every time someone buys that album, whether it be a CD or a digital download, he gets a cut. Then because he is famous, he makes a T-shirt line. They are garbage t-shirts, made from the same material I could get, but because he is famous, he slaps his name on it, charges $200, and people buy it. Then once he releases it…passive income. Anytime someone buys a t-shirt, he gets a cut.

Also earning millions for sitting passively.

Now there is this thing called Influencer marketing. Companies pay people like Kanye or famous YouTubers to post their brand on Instagram. Not just a $100. We’re talking like a million dollars a post. Mention a product, get a million dollars. Insane.

This is where the mixed message comes in. My parents always told me to work hard and be aggressive, but really the goal is to get passive.

How do you feel about passive income? Were you taught to be aggressive and reliable to achieve your dreams or to go where the wind takes you? Or both? Are you as confused as I am?


Bitter Passive Income Ben


20 Comments on “Passive Income Bitterness

  1. Here’s a nightmarish passive income – multi-level marketing. You are told to spend money to make money. Work really hard up front to build an “organization.” The passive income will pay for everything later. Instead, you have to work really hard to maintain the little passive income you may actually qualify for. Yeah, that goes against everything that means passive income.


    • Yeah, that is a bad example of passive income. I think they prey on people like us that want it and make it seem so easy. Then nothing ever comes of it because I hate talking to people.

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  2. The amount of passive income you make depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take. For instance, invest in a CD and you take little risk, but make little interest also. Invest in stocks and you take a larger risk, but those stocks may go way up rather than way down, and you could make a pile of money. Invest in something like Trump Enterprises, and who knows, maybe he’s not a con man after all, and all kinds of money starts rolling in. Or you get taken, and lose everything. Passive income is all about risk-reward.


      • Nah, I was just a mailman. I’ve read a few books on investing, and ignored the folks that preach about getting rich quick. I wish I could believe those folks, but the bitter truth is, most people have to get rich slow.


      • That is a bitter truth. I was thinking about being a mailman. Did you get a pension when you retired? It sounds like they had some good benefits and not bad pay either.

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      • The benefits are good, especially the health insurance. And the pay is good, also. The working conditions can be pretty challenging, though. Not only is the work physically demanding, but management tends to be hostile. There is always pressure to be more productive than is humanly possible. But fortunately, letter carriers have a strong union, which provides good job protection.


  3. I think I’m just jealous I can’t sit around and get paid for doing nothing. That’s just wrong. I’m at least as useless as Kanye… and probably less annoying.


  4. I was also taught the “work hard” ethic and have found more people willing to take advantage of it than to reward it. They just seem to want to weigh me down with more work so they can spend a few hours on Facebook.


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