Bitter Loop

Math isn’t good for anything.

I learn simple and stupid things every day from Google and YouTube. There is only so much you can learn from teachers and school. Especially because most of the stuff they teach you is really boring and not something, I need to know. Like Math. When is the last time I ever learned anything from that? Oh yeah, 1+1 = 3 . My teacher’s spent way too much time teaching me that when they could have been teaching me how to change a spare tire. Or how to cheat the algorithm on jobs, so I could get more interviews. Why was I learning about the five layers of earth crust when I should have been learning more about the layers of Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust?

All I know is that they really didn’t teach us the stuff we really needed. Thankfully YouTube and Google came along so I could learn the real useful stuff instead of having to look in an encyclopedia how to loop a YouTube video. I was talking the other day about really liking movie trailers because they get you pumped enough about a movie, but you don’t have to wade through all the boring exposition or details that bog down a convoluted story.

This is the kind of thing that needs to be looped.

While I work, I like to watch trailers in the background over and over again. Some of them are just so good that you want to listen to them over and over again. The problem with doing that is they are so short, you have to click out of what you are doing and restart them over and over again, and it distracts you from avoiding work in more efficient ways. I finally decided to see if you could just put a YouTube video on an eternal loop and sure enough, you can. Once I figured it out, I kicked myself for not figuring it out before.

Eternal loops. Sometimes I wonder if my life is on an infinite loop. I’ve spent so many time in my life doing almost the same thing week to week that I sometimes think that some alien has a cosmic YouTube that I’m a part of and he or she has put my life on a weekly loop. I wake up at the same time, trudge through the same traffic, do the same terrible blog post that no one pays me to, do some of the same simple tasks every day, and then drive home. On repeat.

Not this.

I think that alien is just cruel or masochistic. Why wouldn’t he put the exciting parts of my life on repeat? Like that one week in Hawaii 8 years ago? Or the cruise we went on 3 years ago. Or that time when I actually got published in a magazine? Why does that frickin alien always repeat the same workday over and over?

I’m smart enough only to loop stuff on YouTube that is good. I know not to loop stuff on YouTube about doing math equations, or the grindingly terrible music. I know to avoid watching that weird ASMR stuff on loop.

I just wish the alien could just fast forward to the moment when I win the lottery and let me loop that moment over and over again.

What about you guys? What moments do you think have been on loop over and over again? Which ones do you wish happened over and over again?


Bitter Looper Ben

P.S. Hello Bitter Friends. I just want you all to know that I am going to start including affiliate links on my posts. Basically, for any subject I talk about, I will link to products on Amazon that are related to the thing I just talked about. I will probably also link to products I’m interested in too. No pressure, but if you would like to help me make a little money on the side, click the link and purchase the item and I get a little kickback. Also, if you are thinking of buying anything on Amazon, let me know and I will include a link somewhere in a blog post for you, and it will help me by doing so. Plus, it will be like a challenge for me to incorporate a word I might not have been thinking about in a post, so yeah for that. Thanks for following me through all the different changes I’ve been implementing. Also, take a look at the ads below. Click them.

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