Spooky Friday Giftures


It is that time of year again where people all of a sudden want to be scared. I heard somewhere that Halloween makes more money than Christmas. I’m not one to do research, so I will just go ahead and assume that is true. I know people that like Halloween way more than Christmas. In fact, one guy I worked told me that he was already looks forward to Halloween on November 1st, for next year.

I find a few things about Halloween scary. It is one of the most major holidays in the US, and somehow we don’t get the day off. How in the world is that not scary to people? The other thing, is that dressing up takes work. I’ve worn some of the most uncomfortable costumes made to man. I was Beast from Beauty and the one year, and it was sweating like a beast. Another time I wore a Donald Duck costume. I was not used to having such a big butt before and it was the most uncomfortable thing to sit in. I’m all about comfort when it comes to dressing and getting hot in something you are wearing is one of my least favorite things. On the gifs, I hope they scare the heck out of you…

Watch as…

…this guy completely disappears into a haunted van.

Something new?…

…the scariest thing I can imagine.

Careful as the…

…mud monster attacks the bikers.


…anything but that!!


…or a haunted kitty will take over your head.

Don’t do it…

…the wine is haunted!

Make sure you check carefully for…

…haunted children.

Also be careful…

…for possessed adults.


…for the haunted slide of doom. 

Guy possessed…

…at a basketball game. Beware! 


…the pyramid of pizza!

And scariest of all…

…this guy who disappeared never to be seen again. 

Scariness is all about perspective. I could probably go into a haunted house or a scary movie and not feel a thing, but if I get a hair in my mouth or in my cereal, I run screeching like a little girl. I hope you have a bitter Halloween. It’s this weekend, right?


Bitter Freak out Friday Ben

10 Comments on “Spooky Friday Giftures

  1. Cannot believe the guy who fell off the cliff. I want Halloween over with so we can get to the real holiday- Christmas! Are you self-hosted now?


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