Escape Goat Bitterness

But I will fight for you.

Say what you will about Micheal Scott, one of my favorite all-time characters from the Office, but that guy was loyal. He stuck with Dunder Mifflin and the Micheal Scott Paper Company even they treated him like dirt. Granted, he did some pretty bad things to others and the company, but no one was more loyal to Dunder Mifflin than Michael. Maybe Dwight. Micheal may have been a little thick, and very abrasive and very inappropriate, but no matter how bad he was treated, he always fought for Dunder Mifflin and the people that worked there. He never as he said, “used an escape goat.”

Yesterday, I went through two very serious situations in which people that I know and care about got backed into a corner. As we all know, when you get backed into a corner, your instincts only allow you two choices. That of fighting and that of fleeing. When you see how a person reacts to this very situation, you get to see what a person is made of. Sometimes, it is smart and savvy to run. I have no doubt that in the right situation, fleeing is the smart thing to do. Sometimes you can only take too much, and fleeing is your only option. I get it. I’ve been in many situations (social gatherings) where I get trapped in a metaphorical corner, and almost always when it comes to talking to people, I choose the flee option. I despise small talk, and awkwardness with a passion, and it doesn’t make any sense to me to fight through a situation like that. In those situations, a fake phone call, a punch bowl, or a bathroom break are an introverts best friend.

Get me to the punch bowl.

Then there are the situations that happened yesterday. I was always taught that I shouldn’t judge other people, because there is no possible way for me to know everything that is going on in that person’s life, in their head, or in their past life. Too many things make it impossible for me to 100% judge. Then again, I see people do it every day and they get paid quite well to do it. Judge Judy has made a living and fame from judging stupid people all day. I’m sure she had an excellent legal education to get her there, as well as the personality that makes it entertaining to watch her, but I’m judging people for free. I think I should at least be able to do it if I’m not charging people to do it.

In any event, I think the people I’m talking about took the fleeing option, and quite frankly, in both situations, they took the cowards way out. I try not to use the coward word lightly, but in truth they did. I think they should have fought harder for what they wanted. Loyalty is not always the easiest thing to be, but I’ve always been pretty loyal, and for me when someone just runs from certain situations, they are cowards.

Anyways, I’m going to pull up my old man pants and deal with the things that these people left me with and be a man about it.

You got it.

How do you guys feel about loyalty? Are you a Micheal Scott, who will stick with people and places, and fight for them? Or are you a Robert California and flee at the slightest sign of trouble? What situations do you think are okay to flee? What are some important ones that you need to fight for?


Bitter Loyalty Ben

10 Comments on “Escape Goat Bitterness

  1. I sometimes try fighting and fleeing at the same time. A hit-and-run sort of thing. Guerilla warfare. This is not always an either/or choice.


  2. In general, I’m a pacifist. I have no road rage and am not easily angered. But when it’s an important principle, I’ll fight tooth and nail if necessary. Although hopefully not nail, because I pay a lot for manicures.


  3. This is probably one of your best pieces yet. Absolutely loved it. I have a big mouth and even bigger stubborn streak. And, southern women never run.


  4. Ethically, I can’t go to bat for someone who is clearly in the wrong, but I stand behind those who have been wronged. I am not confrontational, by any means, but hate to see people bullied or persecuted.


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