Nick Name Bitterness

Also, I’m changing my name.

You might be surprised that Bruno Mars isn’t that guys real name. It is Peter Gene Hernandez. You might also think that Natalie Portman’s real name is real, but it isn’t. Her BC(birth certificate) name is Neta-Lee Hershlag. It isn’t shocking that people use different names than the ones their parents gave them.

My brother’s name is really Joseph, and my sister’s name is Joi, so you can see why he might have wanted to change his name. My parents could have potentially been screaming at those two saying, “Joi, Joey, get down here.” Not sure how that could have been confusing growing up. I decided to have two completely different kids and names so I wouldn’t get confused. Cause heaven knows I need any more help getting confused.

I was always a big nickname guy growing up and also now. I had a nickname for each of my brothers and sisters, and even my parents, because really who calls someone their actual given name? That is just weird. Your name is your identifier and quite honestly your brand. A name can change your life in a lot of ways. That’s why you need to think long and hard before you name your kids. You don’t want to name them Stormi or North, because however hard they just wanted to be more calm or south facing, now they are stuck with that name (unless they become a celebrity, which they will then just change their name).

What if I just like the direction South East?

Some people have been scarred for life, because of stupid names their parents gave them. Like for instance the guy that was legally named Batman. It doesn’t matter that he was afraid of the dark and fighting crime in Gotham, he became a hero you didn’t know you needed.

My son recently changed his Xbox name from something awesome to a stupid name that was just identifying with some stupid clan. I told him it was a bad idea before he did it, because your Xbox namertag sticks with other people and let’s them know who you are. Now instead of being an original and awesome gamer, you are just part of some clan that will leave you as soon as they find a replacement and you will be left with this stupid name. None of your friends will know who you are when you log in.

He changed and it is now his Scarlet Letter.

You can call me by my gamer tag, DingyJester.

Thankfully, my parents understood my calling before I was born and knew that I would need to be named Bitter Ben. That name helped me identify with who I am and has made me the bitter guy I am today. Some people call me Ben and that is fine as long as they understand that Bitter is really who I am.

How do you guys feel about your name? How has it helped your identity? Have you changed your name? Is it because you are a celebrity? If you are a celebrity please reach out to me so you can sponsor my blog and make it famous, BTW.


Bitter Nicknamin Ben

8 Comments on “Nick Name Bitterness

  1. My MIL named her last daughter Karen. And from the beginning called her Cricket. She’s 53, and Cricket to this day. Not bad.
    Her eldest son she named George. But called him PeeWee. George is 72 and people still call him PeeWee. Not good.
    Nicknames can make or break you. I’ve had many, none of which I will share here.


  2. I was always called Candy (short for Candice, of course) by friends and family. I decided in my 30s, when we moved to a new town, that I no longer wanted to go by the shortened name, and introduced myself as Candice to everyone. Now I go by both names, depending on who I’m talking to.


    • That is great. My kids don’t go by shorter names, but I have seperate nicknames for them, Bo and Buddy. I also call my dad Chad, even though his name is David. It’s just because dad and Chad rhyme. Makes him really uncomfortable, especially when people say, “Isn’t your name David?”

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  3. I change my name every so often on Twitter, because, why not? I also legally changed/shortened my middle name and last name a few years ago, because the old ones were bogus, and the new names are excellent. Now my daughter wants to shorten her last name, too, but I’m making her wait until she’s 18.


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