Rear View Mirror

Just get me out of here!

As an introvert, you are always trying to find ways out of talking. Often you have to get crafty to find ways to avoid people and situation. It nice to have tools at your disposal that help you in a bind. When my kids were younger they were a great tool. Anytime you thought someone was talking to you too much, you would have a kid at your side, that “needed to get their diaper change” or “looked a little hungry” or “was getting a little antsy”.

Thankfully, the smart phone made things a little easier too. As long as you have it, there are always ways out of having to talk to people, ironic as that sounds. You could be in the middle of an uncomfortable chat with a co-worker and “oh, I just got a text from my wife, got to take this”, or “got a call from a doctor, have to go in the other room.”

Another one I like to use is mirrors. Mirrors aren’t always easily available, but honestly, all you need is a shiny surface. Windows work well in a pinch. They are best used as a way to know who is coming from behind you. A lot of times when you are sitting at your desk, happily avoiding work at all costs and you need to be able to switch to something work related quickly, a mirror is your best friend. It almost like an early warning system (or a Kevin from the Office, which is actually a really bad warning system).

Warning! Warning!

When you are driving, you don’t really realize how important mirrors are until you don’t have one. I was on my way home once and was turning a curve down a road I took all the time and I was barreling toward a car that was in front of me. I didn’t realize until it was too late, and swerved out of the way onto the shoulder to avoid hitting the guy in front of me. I did have to pay a price though. My side mirror got cracked on the car and shattered.  I had to figure out a way to drive without a side mirror and it was frightening how many times I looked over and used it.

The other day while on my way home, I looked in the rear view mirror and a strange thought came to me. All these people in cars are following me. For all I know, these cars could be tracking me down. Maybe this is just paranoid me, but at any second, all of them could start going after me, like I was James Bond that just had amnesia. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of that at least once.

All I know is that mirrors could put weird ideas into your head.

What do you think? Are mirrors a valuable tool for you? Or do they just make you paranoid like me?


Bitter Rear View Mirror Ben

4 Comments on “Rear View Mirror

  1. The only time a mirror ever made me paranoid was when I was a kid, and I dared to say “Bloody Mary” at a mirror three times in a row. Then I was sure she appeared to hunt me down! Your James Bond paranoia experience sounds more fun.


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