Suppressing your feed

I didn’t want a motorcycle.

My wife likes to think I had a mid-life crisis. I didn’t buy a car, or get a motorcycle, or get an itch to travel the world. All I did was decide that I had enough of the dying company I had worked at for 15 years and decided that I wanted to go back to school. And move to another state. And sell our house. And find a new job. And another. And another. I did all those things in 2016 and 2017. All I’ve really done in 2018 is buy a new house. That’s all.

Anyways, my new career is in social media. I write blog posts, post on Facebook, LinkedIn and create content for all those things. Over the years of learning about Facebook, and the rest of social media, you discover that the industry changes quickly.

Maybe you know this, or perhaps you don’t. I used to think that every time I posted something on Facebook, it just delivered that post in chronological order to all my followers. Maybe a long time ago that was true. Now, not so much. You might hear all these buzzwords around the social media atmosphere, like algorithm and suppressed now. Just from last year when I started here, Facebook had gone from a company that supported organic engagement with business Pages, to telling us that video and movement is the future, to having any chance of being shown you had to have engaging content, to now only focusing on individual profiles. Basically they suppressed just about anything that wasn’t a baby picture that got a thousand “Awwwws” in the comments and or a viral video that everyone is sharing. This has made it pretty impossible to run a business page that get suppressed at every turn.

Awww, baby picture.

If your content doesn’t have the right amount of words, suppressed. If it isn’t moving, suppressed. If your page doesn’t have every detail finished, it’s suppressed. They have this amazingly complex “algorithm” that finds all these little things that push your update on Facebook all the way to the bottom of the pile.

So now Facebook is treating you just like the rest of the world is treating you. If you aren’t a celebrity, you aren’t getting the free swag bags that include a free Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If you aren’t an Instagram celebrity, you aren’t getting 50,000 dollars a post. If you aren’t a sports hero, no free shoes, fancy house or limo rides to go the end of your driveway to get your mail.

You are basically shouting all your important status updates to an empty room. It’s a whole lot of work for a whole lot of nothing. If you aren’t paying up, no one sees anything you do.

Social media is all of sudden becoming anti-social media. Actually, it is more like having a family. I’m constantly talking to myself about my kids getting to bed, eating their dinner, getting off the Xbox, doing their homework, taking a shower and getting dressed for school and football. No one listens, everyone ignores me, and I can get ignored from the comfort of my own couch. Who knew social media would make me feel so much like having a family?

Go ahead. Post something. Nobody cares.

What about you? Have you noticed that social media is just returned us back to talking to ourselves? Have you noticed how it has just suppressed everything we say and do now?


Bitterly Suppressed Ben

10 Comments on “Suppressing your feed

  1. Whether we use social media or not, it seems most of our communication amounts to talking to ourselves. People often don’t listen to the essential message. So we have to repeat ourselves over and over until we finally get through. Social media is just all about repeating ourselves.


  2. This was interesting and, I agree, insightful. Thanks. Also, congratulations on the career move. I am confident you will do very well.


    • Social media, while interesting, is also pretty tricky because no one really knows how best to use it, and if they do finally master it, the social medias change on them, and create havoc.


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