2 Chainz Bitterness

Seriously, why do we have to stand?

All I want to do when I go to my son’s football games is to sit there and complain about things. I, of course, want to complain that he isn’t eligible to go to the NFL so I can start living my dream of leaching off someone else and living on the couch 24/7, but most people just laugh that off. If it isn’t complaining about that, it’s another thing like him not making a sack on every play or the weather being too hot or too cold.

What I really want to complain about when I can’t sit and complain and I end up having to volunteer to do something during the game. Let’s be straight. I never voluteerfor anything. I get forcefully volunteered because everyone else outlazies me. It’s really annoying. So this week, I had to hold the chains. You know, the markers that tell the players where the first down is? I’m not a big fan of standing, especially for long periods of time. I find it is counterproductive and against everything I, uh, stand for.

So the whole game, I’m at the mercy of some zebra strip wearing ref telling me what to do, where to stand. Go here, go there, stand there. If there is anything I can’t stand, it’s standing. The other thing I can’t stand is being micromanaged. So, basically this was my nightmare.

Yes, sir, we do. Your micromanaging.

At least while being bitter about all this, I got to think about how these 2 Chainz (also a rap group) were like life. It could relate to my marriage. We are connected by the chain. There is a little bit of freedom (around 10 yards worth in any direction), but there is also a connection. Stray too far and you will either get pulled back in by the connection to your wife, or you will break the chain and get whirled out of site, out of mind, and into another abyss.

It also has this allusion to freedom as well. A lot of people have a comfort zone and will usually not stray out of the 10 yards circle. Occasionally a person will break out of the comfort zone and try something completely different, and make something truly great, like Gates, Jobs, or Zuckerberg. For a while. But then they will just be whirrled into a new comfort zone for a while again. Have billions of dollars, but not really stick outside that comfort zone again. People think comfort zones are bad, but in reality, if you didn’t have them, you would basically be a manic running around like a chicken with their heads cut off. No one would ever have a family, a job, or a place to call home. They would be like Matt Damon in The Martian, Sandra Bullock in Gravity or Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence without their tethers to a ship of some kinds. They would be aimlessly wandering the depths of space. So yeah, 2 Chainz can seem pretty confining sometimes, but they also keep us tethered to something too.

Would you like to life like this? Without comfort zones?

Unfortunately they make you do work too, which kind of sucks.

What about you? How do you feel about chains? Are you happy to be tethered to something like a home, family, or job? Or do you prefer wandering out in space more?


Bitter Space Cadet Ben

10 Comments on “2 Chainz Bitterness

  1. My comfort zone is an adjustable queen size bed, which props me up so I can watch TV without moving my neck. I hate to get out of my comfort zone, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to perform the basic functions of life. I wish there were some sort of adjustable mechanism that could handle those things too, but unfortunately there is not.


  2. I like my chains to be adjustable. I don’t want to run around without aim (or a head), but I also want to be free and do things my way.


    • You know me. I want all things in life to be within feet of me. The internet, TV, phone and food, all nearby so I never have to leave.


  3. I believe that my “chains” are an illusion. I learned that a long time ago, when I was afraid to leave a bad situation. Jobs are not a chain; they can be replaced. I am not chained to my kids. We make changes together. They move when I move, and they adjust. They don’t hold me back from what I want or need most in life, and I support them, too, by not holding them back from their dreams. We make it work.


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