The Changing of Fall Bitter Friday Giftures

Fall. I always hate this time of year. There are all the leaves falling, the shorter days, and the coldness. Sometimes I just wish that it wouldn’t take so long for the light to disappear. I mean seriously, why does the light have to be so prevalent? Life would be so much better if it were just dark all day and all night. Night has this whole thing down, but day keeps trying to squeeze in every last ounce of light. We all know that people are just less productive at night. I know I am. I can’t remember the last thing I accomplished at night. If we could continue to have more darkness, productivity would cease, and we could all just get better at doing nothing. Winter can’t come soon enough. Speaking of things that can’t come soon enough, how about some bitter Friday Giftures?

This kid gets it…

…he’s just trying to close out the light.

You can hardly contain this guy…

…from wanting all the nice weather to end.

The darkness would discourage…

…this girl from trying to be productive.

Can’t we all just…

…stop trying to be active? 

Why are we all in such a rush…

…to do activities?

Can we just stop…

…trying to develop talents?

These girls know…

…the true meaning of fall.

This kid is just…

…a basket case.

This kid is certainly ready to…

…jump into winter.

Finally someone…

…in a hurry to get INside.

This guy has finally learned…

…how NOT to let go.

What wood these guys do…

…without their terrible friends?

Let’s hang on to the bitterness as long as we can, while fall keeps giving us light from time to time and hope that winter along with its cold and bitter weather, but also its lack of light can only bring us the dimmest of hope.

What do you think about fall? Why is it so terrible for you?

Bitter Fall Terribleness Ben

4 Comments on “The Changing of Fall Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Stop that! Fall is my favorite time of the year… apples, pumpkins, colorful foliage! Winter will be here soon enough and you can hibernate all you want. Autumn is glorious!!
    But if it makes you feel any better, those leaves are beautiful because they’re dying.
    Happy now?


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