Bitter Hardships Friday Giftures

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” – C.S. Lewis.  I saw this quote recently and have seen it is many different forms throughtout the years. I believe it. I think to be successful you have to go through a lot of trials. Or just have really rich parents that will give you all their money willingly.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have rich parents that gave me all their money. Also, they didn’t give me any real hardships while growing up either. They did their best to teach me good values and morals. Ughh. How am I supposed to be ambitious, and cunning and cutthroat when my parents supported me and made me feel good about myself? Don’t they know they need to be the worst, so I will use those hardships to become extraordinary? That meant that I had to work to find hardships and we all know that I’m way too lazy to work for things. Unfortunately, now I’m stuck in my middling life, just like you will all be stuck having to look at these giftures to take your mind off this terrible writing. With further ado…Friday Giftures..


…did I just say all of that out loud?

What I meant to do…

…was distract you all with this little gifture right here. 

The sad part about this guy…

…isn’t the rubberband, but his hair.

This guy just took the bottle flip..

…to a whole new level..

This is how a real…

…ballet should go.

This is how a real…

…boxing match should go.

This is how all kids…

…should run.

This is how all basketball players…

…should go.

This is how all…

parent teacher conferences should go. 

This is how all cats…

…should learn how to land on their feet.


…I didnt‘ really learn how to shape.

This is my life…

…always falling just short, because of carelessness. 

All I have to say is that my life would be so much better if I had just faced more obstacles. But since I didn’t, I will have to just complain about everyone else and how they made my life a mess. I mean, if you can’t blame others for your mistakes, who can you blame?


Bitter Hardships Ben














6 Comments on “Bitter Hardships Friday Giftures

  1. I’ve led a rather blessed life as well…. loving parents, a comfortable childhood, a trauma free adolescence, and an obstacle free adulthood. Of course I always thought this was a good thing damn you. Now I feel totally left out!


    • I know, right? I thought it was too, but I always wondered why I wasn’t rich and famous, and then I realized it was the good upbringing. Curse you parents for making me comfortable in life!

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