Water We Doing?

I wish more of it was like this.

I have watched a lot of sports in my lifetime. The longer I’ve lived, the more of a spectacle it has become. When I was younger the color television was still pretty new, the channels were few and far between and if you could see a game on TV or one in person, you were actually pretty lucky. Most of my sports watching wasn’t even watching but more perusing the newspaper to find a box score that told me if they won or not.

Then ESPN was born. And then Fox Sports, and CBS Sports, CNNSi, and then ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and then of course, ESPN 8, or the Ocho as they call it and 24 hour sports coverage began. If there is a moment in sports, these guys cover it, analyze it, break it down and glorify it. The level at which these guys hype sports is absolutely outrageous.

I’ve learned very few things in my life, but this is one of them. Hype almost always lead to disappointment. That includes movies, TV shows, sports and just about anything in life. Which leads me to one of the biggest hyped things you probably don’t think about. At least I rarely do.

Calm down man. All you did was make a basket.

The weather. I don’t know if meteorologists crave the spotlight, or if they just enjoy being wrong all the time despite the amazing amount of research and preperation they do just to be made to look like a fool, but it must be really hard to be a meteorologist.

I live in Utah, which is essentially a desert surrounded by mountains and a few salty lakes. It is dry around here all the time, especially in the summer and early fall. In fact, we were mostly on fire the last few months.The words Hurricane are uttered a lot by meteorologists in lots of places around this country. Florida, Texas, the Carolinas, but not a lot around here.

Last week someone mentioned that there was a Hurricane Rosa coming and we needed to be prepared. I thought they were joking. Then there were additional reports about the hurricane during the weekend, and I realized they weren’t joking. Apparently this hurricane off the coast of California was coming and it wasn’t going right back out to sea, it was coming inland. At least that is what the meteroligists were telling me.

Man, were they hyping this thing up. They were telling us to get flood insurance, and to batten down our hatches, get some sandbags, the works. Then last night happened. It was supposed to swarm us and drown us in feet of water.

Expecting this…


I felt like one of those scoffers of Noah that told him it wasn’t going to rain. And finally, around 10 oclock, it started to rain. Which, I’m used to because I lived in Seattle. We got lightning and it rained for a few hours, but by the time our fire alarm went off at 3:30 am this morning, it has stopped. They hype machines had disappointed once again. In fact, my biggest disappointment was that there were no puddles to splash in on the way into work.

Got this.

What about you? How has hype let you down? What movie, sports event, concert, entertainment event or weather forecast has let you down the most?


Bitter Hype Machine Ben

10 Comments on “Water We Doing?

  1. Movie and book hype are my personal pet peeves. The movies everyone and their brother are raving about? The ones you HAVE TO go see? I usually despise. And if Oprah gushes over a book? I will hate it and run the other way.


    • Well, that just has to do with Oprah. And yeah, either they hype it too much or I do. I reminisce about the good old days when you could see a movie without knowing every detail about it.

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    • I know. It is pretty dangerous to say something like that because it will jynx it, but I was super sad when not a puddle was in sight when I left this morning.

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    • Oh my gosh, long time no see. I haven’t heard from you forever. How are things? And yeah, preseason basketball is soo terrible. Plus so many injuries happen unnecessarily.

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      • Things are great! I wouldn’t event know where to start … so different from a few years ago! How are you doing? Is your job treating you well? And, yes, one of my players is already out for two months after only one preseason game ugh.


      • Yeah, it would be nice to see how things are going for you. Maybe start that blog up again? That would be awesome. Anyways, I’ve finally moved on from the job, moved to Utah, got three jobs in one year and now I’m working in Digital Media and writing blog posts for a living. Like you staid, so many things different. Who is your team and who went down?


  2. How about all the hype surrounding year 2000? All computers were supposed to crash, as well as planes, and everything that had electronic components controlled by computers. 2000 came in with narry a whimper.


    • I remember that quite vividly. I remember thinking if anything was going to happen, it would happen in Australia, because they were the first to have the time change.

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