F.O.M.S. Bitter Friday Giftures

All day I dream about…well, dreaming. Sometimes I get the feeling that the daytime and the drudgery of life is the dream (or nightmare, depending on how terrible your life is) and the dreaming is the actual real life. All I know, is I want to spend as much time finding out as I can. I daydream about nightdreaming. The night dreaming seems more peaceful and better anyways (most of the time). You get the girl, the promotion with the nice cushy office, you win the lottery and become world famous. Occasionally, you show up naked in a class, but that is only a few minutes a day and you can move on with you dream life pretty easily. A lot of people get upset, frustrated and bitter because they get FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, but not me. I get F.O.M.S. – Fear of Missing Sleep. The nice cushiony bed or couch, the covers over your head to prevent all light from getting in, the works. I don’t want to go places, I want to stay places. Here’s some Bitter Friday Giftures to get you in the sleepy time mood.

I know…

…I miss sleep too.


I wanna be…

…where the sleep is.

You are correct…

…sleep has the highest ratings.

The best way…

…to get more sleep.













…”get more sleep of course.”

Yes Yoda…

…and I sense much oldness in you. Sorry, I need more sleep. 

I’m always thinking of you…


This is how I feel…

…when I can’t be around you, sleep.

I miss sleep…

…even more than I miss the point.

I will…

…for one reason only. Sleep.

I do not have that…

…voids are the best place to sleep.

Even I’m bored…

…from all of this.


I say it is time to put this blog to bed for the weekend. May you be able to enter the dream world, so you don’t have to deal with the real one. Or hopefully the dream world is the real one, and we don’t have to come back to this one. In that case, enjoy famous Bitter Ben.


Bitter FOMS Ben

10 Comments on “F.O.M.S. Bitter Friday Giftures

      • Ai. The perils of having children ;p
        Although I have to admit that my sleeping in ended at 9am 😂 I don’t think I have it in me anymore, haha.


      • Yeah, don’t ever have them. They are nothing but a drain, on your time, money and energy. Just buy stuffed animals. I barely sleep in until 8 am.


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