Hard Drive Full

No more space.

I hear a legendary quote all the time from Bill Gates “640K ought to be enough for anybody.” It may not be true that he said it, but it’s incredible to consider that at one time all somebody would ever need on their computers was that much space.

I have an old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which I am working hard to upgrade because it is starting to slow down faster than me, that has 16GB space. My daughter’s older than old, cheaper than cheap phone that couldn’t even store an app except for the ones that came with it and couldn’t even text because she had no keyboard, had 8GB. I have three computers at home, and one at work that are constantly telling me that my hard drive is full. I had a Xbox hard drive with 2TB of space and one game that took almost 40% of that. It’s pretty clear we need more space on our computers.

I’m not a genius like Bill Gates, nor do I have the technical knowledge of a Zuckerberg, but I know that people crave space, or at least I do. My subconscious is continuously telling me to get more space. Even back in high school when I had less knowledge than I do know, I had dreams of places that I knew but that were MUCH bigger. I would dream about my house, but it would have a much larger layout. Same with my high school, the mall, and other people’s houses. I just have a huge need for space. We finally got a house that fits our needs on two floors, but I have this need to finish the basement. I’ve heard when it comes to personal space, American’s need the biggest. Multiply that by 10, and that is how much I need.

We always need more space.

The problem with needing all this space is no matter what we need, we always seem to be able to fill it up. I remember when I got my phone 4 or 5 years ago, I thought for sure I would never use it all. I thought this is double what I need.

I guess I thought that about my brain too. This thing that can help me type, come up with new ideas for blog posts, and remember what my wife tells me to do on the way home occasionally, has somehow been overloaded many times. I keep trying to get an upgrade, but I guess I don’t have enough money. I am continually having to reboot the system (going to sleep, eating), but every day it seems to get more and more bogged down. I think it might be time to dump some memories that I don’t really care about so I can install some new programs, and delete some unnecessary files.

I’m pretty sure I need to forget about homework I did when I was a kid (sorry I can’t help you know kids) as well as anything from high school and junior high (all useless knowledge). I think I can delete most people from my contacts list soon too. People are just a significant drain on the processes. Now I just need to put it in sleep mode more, and I will be a whole new hard drive.

Delete unnecessary files.

What about you guys? What unnecessary files do you need to delete from your files (not Bitter Entertainment Network of course)?


Bitter Memory Drain Ben

12 Comments on “Hard Drive Full

  1. I wish I could delete any rap lyrics that have mistakenly been saved on my brain.
    I don’t even know how they got there. They must be spy ware.


  2. While I keep my house and work space clean and organized to the point of obsession… I’ve never met a computer file that I didn’t need. Photos from that shop picnic back in 1986? Check. Recipes that I tried, hated but refuse to delete because someone, somewhere, someday might like zucchini pie? Check. Multiple differently formatted resumes even though I no longer work and probably never will again? Of course. Check, check!
    It should be noted I recently bought a new computer with a 2TB Hard Drive and 256 GB Secondary Drive because….well, I can’t get rid of great aunt Jessie’s Order of St. Andrew’s certificate from the British Red Cross now can I?


  3. Back when I had a 586 running MSDOS, I emailed my computer programmer Dad that it was running slow so I was going to delete all the .FAT files. I was joking, but he almost had a stroke.


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