Trailer Company

Something that will never come out.

I’ve always loved going to the movies. Ever since I was young, there was something escapist about them. When life make you bitter, go to to a movie and your bitterness will either ratchet up, or go the opposite way. I had some magical moments in movies. The first time I saw the time machine in Back to the Future, the time I saw Ferris Bueller become a cult hero in his own town, or the time I saw John McClane jump off the side of a building with just a hose attached to his waist.

I tried to write my own book a couple years ago, but realized that I don’t like to take so much time to write a story. I don’t have the patience or time to write a 200 page book. I would also like to make films, but don’t think I would have the patience to make an hour and a half long movie. And recently I found out that I don’t like directing other people. The kids I worked with were impatient, bad at listening to directions and surly. No one needs that kind of hassle.


Who needs more trailers?

I like how YouTube has created a breeding ground of shorter videos. Movie are great, but so many are such huge disappointments. I don’t know if people are rushing to get them done, they are too expensive, or if millenials don’t like to go to theaters. You know what isn’t a huge disappointment? Movie trailers. I think that really would be a market for people that just wanted to watch trailers. Charge them $.99 to watch them, they can watch them as much as the wanted, and you would never have to make the real film. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing an amazing trailer, and then seeing the movie that follows and not seeing the right scene, or not getting the same music, or just knowing every part of the movie, by the time you see it.

I think I want to start a production company where I just make fake trailers. I would also like to do trailers for my blogs that clearly aren’t ready to be made into feature films, but you could do a trailer for. In addition, I could do other people’s trailers for things they did, just to get some hype for them as well. Either a blog post, a book, or even a social media post. A lot of people nowadays don’t have time to watch a full movie, but they sure do have time for a 2:30 minute trailer.

What do you think? Would you be on board for a trailer company? How much would you like to invest? Who wants to run it for me? When do you want to start paying me for all this?


Bitter Trailer Ben

6 Comments on “Trailer Company

  1. Great, creative post! Lately I’ve been getting into TED talks. I like them because I always learn something and they are usually pretty short.


    • Yeah, in most cases shorter is better. I’m not a big believer in stats, but they say that most people only watch the first 2 or 3 seconds of videos and will most of the time determine if they will watch it after those three seconds. Even trailers are too long for most people I guess.


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