Community Friday Bitter Giftures


Back in the day when I was blogging on Ben’s Bitter Blog, I finally found a bunch of bitter people that felt as bitter as I was. I was a community where would could share all our bitterness and talk bad about the man. You know, the guy that kept holding us down. I’m trying my minimalist to bring that community back together, but it is not as easy as I thought. Sure most of those people don’t blog anymore, but a lot of the people I used to interact with haven’t found their way back here and that makes me bitter. So in true bitter fashion, I’m going to Friday Gifture about it by posting gifs from Community the TV show, a criminally underrated and poorly rated show. Here goes:


We’ve made…

…mistakes together.












We’ve been….

…lazy together.


We’ve solved…

…mysteries together.


We’ve called…

…each other basic.


Well I guess we’ve…

…never really high fived before.


We’ve definitely…

…had awkward shouting matches.


The dance numbers have been kind of…



I’m pretty sure…

…we’ve had a lot of looks like this.


We’ve definitely had…

…plot twists.


What about all those times…

…when we thought things were cool, but weren’t?


It sure was Pierce…

…it sure was.


And we are still trying to figure…

…this whole thing out.


Let’s hope we can continue to build this community of bitterness and find a way to bring all you akward people to this blog. Cause there is nothing like being able to make a large community of people together and fail.


Bitter Community Ben


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