Earn Your Opinionation Badge


You shouldn’t automatically get an opinion. You should have to level up to get one.

When I’m not sitting on my lazy butt enjoying the TV, one of my favorite hobbies is sitting on my lazy butt enjoying video games. There is just something so fulfilling about pushing buttons to do things instead of moving your feet to do things. Video games allow you to do unlimited things without having to leave your comfort zone. In fact, there are probably a lot of areas in games called comfort zones. In Pokemon, it is Pokemon centers, where you can refuel and recharge your Pokemon. In the video game world, it is easy to get up to full health. In real life, resting in a bed for 5-8 hours doesn’t always do the trick.

One of the things I like about video games is a lot of them allow growth for your characters. Many of them grow with stats or leveling up. The nice thing is they usually allow you to grow along with how the world is coming at you. For instance, in level one, you are a weak dude that can barely beat a mosquito, but by the end, you are a steroided muscle man or woman that can take down beasts the size of skyscrapers. They scale your growth with the world around you.

Not so much in the real world. Our world just comes at us with immense challenges right from our early stages (baby) and just keep coming hard and fast. They don’t allow us to scale with it. Kind of makes things unfair. But then again, according to my dad and many other grown humans, life isn’t fair. One thing I think people should have to earn like in video games is their opinions.

What does your opinionation level look like?

For instance, when you walk into a workplace with zero days of experience, you should not be able to talk about your opinions like you own the place. There should be points awarded, and you should have to level up in your place of work, your church, your school or your friendships. You should have to earn knowledge points, experience points, sanity points and many other categories to be able to express yourself, especially in certain subjects.

I think as an expert in bitterness, I should be able to share my opinion on the highest level because I’ve earned it. I’ve written over a thousand blog posts, have a Facebook page dedicated to bitterness and a PHMe degree in all things bitterness. On the other hand, I’ve spent zero hours of effort, time or resources in politics. Therefore, I should be banned from ever having an opinion on that subject. You should be able to see the badges I’ve earned: video games, sports, bitterness, writing, etc. and see what levels I have EARNED and know that another level 15 in sports can talk to me confidently and know that I will be a pretty equal match in sports.

No talking until you earn a high enough level.

On the other hand, you should also be able to look at a shirt and see a lack of Numbers badge, politics badge, and Meetings badge to know that I have no opinion on that subject and know to move on from me in the quickest possible manner. I’m not saying we force people to talk with others of the same badge levels, but if we are stuck at a party with a bunch of people we don’t know, we should at least be able to walk around and find someone we might have a least a little something in common to get through the dread of a party.

What do you think? Should we assign opinionation badges to people? Would this make your life a little easier? Or would you be like me and just ignore all that stuff anyway and just sit on the couch and continue to watch TV?


Bitter Opinionation Ben

4 Comments on “Earn Your Opinionation Badge

  1. Those with the most opinionation badges would probably have vests so heavy they wouldn’t be able to put them on. This would be good, because then they’d have to stay home.

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    • Yep, I would probably never use mine outside of my house. I would just use them for my blog. So basically how I do it now. It might prevent some people that talk way too much from giving opinions though.

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  2. One step further – we should all wear AR glasses that allow us to see other people’s opinionation points hovering over their heads. And whenever you level up, everyone can see the little green +10 floating upward.


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