Audition Bitterness



There is a reason why I chose to be a writer. First of all, I knew it would be really lucrative (not at all) and because it would stimulate my brain and others to make changes and be better (nope on that either). Basically, it is the easiest way of expressing my bitterness without having to interact with other humans. The only thing that can interrupt me is my train of thought and that train is moving non stop through my brain.

One of my least favorite things to do is to be interviewed. You are never sure whether you are supposed to humble brag about yourself, or humbly list your accomplishments. Some people are just looking for the straight up facts, while others are just trying to see if you will be a good personality for the team. Without the knowledge of what people are looking for, you just never know which person you are supposed to be.

My daughter is just as much of an introvert as me but loves being in plays. I don’t know how she feels about having to audition, but I don’t know if I could ever do it. Auditioning, interviewing, giving speeches are the worst. I feel like I am a pig, or cow at a showing and people are constantly judging me. Who needs that?

Judging others should be my job. That is why I like going to the mall and sitting down at a place and judging the people as they walk by. At least I keep my judgements to myself. At least verbally. If I have a judgement about someone you can bet you will be hearing about it in writing.

What are your thoughts? How do you feel about auditions and interviews? Do you feel like you are on display?


Bitter Bad Interviewee Ben

6 Comments on “Audition Bitterness

  1. I never liked a job interview. But worse were those interviews where the boss tried to figure out if I was the culprit, so he could fire me. I never knew how to act not guilty. Especially when I was guilty. I called them job-loss interviews.


  2. I don’t like interviews either. I’ve had probably 20 in my lifetime since my husband’s work caused us to move a lot. I never was able to tell if I was answering how the interviewer wanted, until I got offered the job.


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