Bitter Bacon




Food has never been more of a controversial subject as it is now. With all these vegans, pescatarians, vegetarians, and gluten-free diets, it’s a wonder that anyone such as myself can find vegan, free food anywhere anymore.  This weekend my neighborhood is hosting a party in which bacon is the main ingredient to participate. It’s good to see that this new food called meat is making a comeback. I like to think that my neighborhood is quite progressive in its food choices and that meat is making a comeback into the mainstream. Let’s hope that this amazing food actually becomes a viable option in restaurants again. In the meantime, let’s celebrate bacon by having some Bitter Friday Giftures.


This bacon fest is going to be…

…a slam dunk right?



If anything else…

…it will at least be a bowled statement.


It will be nice to see…

…if we bump into anyone we know.



…I hope to slip into something a little more comfortable.


I really hope…

…that the competition isn’t a clean sweep.



I just really hope…

…there is some intense competion.



I think the promotion for this event…

…has been a little too aggressive.


I think some people just need…

…a little more training.



I would say that some people…

…are a little too excited to leap into the event.



For others…

…it’s definitely worth the trip.


Others are taking a little too long…

…to get into the swing of things.


While others are having a hard time…

…taking the hint that it is time to leave.


Regardless of how you decide to party this weekend, make sure you do your best to avoid people at all costs. They are the number one problem when it comes to things going wrong. Bad luck mates!


Bitter Bacon Ben


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