Bitter Alter Ego


Some people have alter ego’s.

I am not a fan of most celebrities. Most of them are maniacal ego maniacs. Once they get a little bit of fame, they start thinking they are larger than life and they start being rude to the people that got them their fame. That is no big revelation. I think most people know that. Sure, I would be annoyed if people were bugging me 24/7, but they have options. Many of them create alter ego’s.

You probably know a few of them. Some celebrities are so famous that they have their real name/their fame name/ and their even an alter ego name. For instance, there is Marshall Mathers/Eminem/Slim Shady. You have Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, or Beyonce Knowles/Sasha Fierce. I guess it gives them all an opportunity to become someone else when the fame hits them too hard. It could be that one personality is too passive and they need the new one to be more aggressive to handle their diva side. For whatever reason, people love to have that alter ego.

There are also Superheroes that have alter egos. For whatever reason, they need to keep their identity as a superhero seperate from the normal life, or vice versa. We know Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark. Just regular billionaires that run around being reckless as a disguise for being responsible superheros that need to save the day on a regular basis. I can imagine that would be really hard to balance the two lives. I wonder if they get exhausted running companies and just want to get some exercise by beating up villains. Or if they get exhausted saving the day and just want to run a company quietly. There are a lot of reasons for alter egos.

I’m Batman! And also Bruce Wayne.

As many of you know, I basically have an alter ego too. To most people, I am just Ben, the husband, and father and full-time worker that goes with the flow. He does his job, gets to work early, interacts with people, drives home in traffic and doesn’t run over people on purpose. He helps his kids with their homework, his wife with the bills and gets exhausted at the end of the day and almost falls asleep on the couch watching TV.

Then there is Bitter Ben. He is that monster with ambition. He can’t stand people and all their crap and calls them out for it. He wants to run companies, create content, become the world record holder for the most times writing bitter, etc. He is a creator, a fighter, a passive aggressive beast. He has a sharp wit and will never actually meet anyone in person. Everything little and everything big makes him mad, and he wants to invent things to become the laziest person ever. He is Hulk of the personality, while Ben is the Bruce Banner.

I even talked about this in my first blog ever a long time ago. Maybe we all have multiple personalities, alter ego’s or whatever you call them. I am a different person interacting with my parents, and with my kids, and with my wife and with co-workers. They say it is healthy to interact with everyone the same, but really if you do that, then you are the most annoying person ever.

No one needs just one personality.

So, what do you think about Alter Ego’s? Do you have one? Or are you humble enough to only need one? What is that ego’s name and personality?


Bitter Alter Ego Ben

4 Comments on “Bitter Alter Ego

  1. I wish I had an alter ego. Because that would be fun to sometimes play the role of someone really different, who’s super outgoing and makes lots of friends and is like, badass or whatever. Sadly, I am the same sunny, smiley, probably boring woman who’s always reading a book or listening to music/books on headphones. I’m pretty much exactly the same no matter who I’m around, though sometimes more professional or casual.

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  2. Guilty. Sometimes I think my Alter Ego has an Ego. But we all get along, as long as we don’t talk about ourselves in plural form to our therapist.
    Kidding. But I do think most content creators have to be that. That’s just drawing a line between mundane and artistic.


    • That is what we are right? I mean a lot of writers have a pen name for their books right? Why can’t I have the bitter ben character?


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