Free Party Bitterness

We bought a house last March. We did it with the help of a realtor. Well, the help of a realtor is a stretch. We did all the real work, and he just drove us to the appointments. He was super non-helpful on any other hand. I’m pretty sure my wife should have got his commission because she did all the work. I wasn’t much help either. I just tagged along for the appointments and said, “Yes, that house is great and it’s $100,000 over our budget, so let’s buy it.”

Back to the realtor that wasn’t very helpful. He is part of a real estate group that occasionally does a client appreciation party. Last night happened to be one of those days. They were throwing a free pool party for current and past clients. I may have thought our realtor sucked, but I’m always down for free things, especially when they don’t cost anything.

The best thing about me is that even when something is free, I still find a way to be non-appreciative. So here is my review of the totally free pool party.

They had pizza, which as the loyal followers of my blog now, is my favorite food by far. Caviar, filet mignon and creme brule don’t even compare. If there is pizza within a mile of me, I will find it. I spend half my fiscal budget on it every year. At one of my previous jobs, I got the company to rename Friday as “Pizza”. I would walk into work and say, “Happy Pizza” instead of “Happy Friday”. The pizza at the free party was the worst pizza I have ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a lot of pizza. I accidentally bit off a little of the box, and it tasted better than crust on that pizza. It was terrible. That’s not to say I didn’t keep eating it. The worst pizza is better than the best kale.

There was a hot tub. Lots of people just wanted to relax at the end of a long day, or hide from their whiny kids for a little bit. Problem was when they arrived at the hot tub, there was a line. I’ve never been to any hot tub ever that required you to wait in line. What next? Will there be a coil slot that makes you buy hot tub time by the minute?

There was a lazy river. I’m all about a lazy river. You can’t spell my name without lazy river (because it is my middle name). I’ve been to some of the best lazy rivers in the world, and they can be amazing. If you get on a float and let the river flow take you, you can close you eyes and wake up 2 hours later with your favorite shade of red all over your body. This lazy river didn’t have floats though. And the depth was only 3 feet, so as you can imagine, for a six foot tall person, was a little uncomfortable. Have you seen that Geico Commercial where the soccer player scores a goal then slides on his knees for eternity? That was me in the lazy river. It was the only way to navigate that thing comfortably. And that was terribly uncomfortable.

So that’s my zero star review of the free pool party. Cardboard tasting pizza, lines for the hot tub and a lazy river that was far from lazy.


Bitterly Ungrateful for Free Pool Parties Ben

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